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Murrieta Mac Repair

Apple Mac RepairMurrieta Mac repair and upgrade services are just one of Creative IT's many specialties. We have been working with Apple Mac desktop and notebook computers for many years and we are able to diagnose, troubleshoot and solve any hardware and software related problems with your Mac computer. There's actually no reason to look any further that Creative IT if you need to fix your Apple Mac computer; you can rest assured you are dealing with experienced and qualified engineers and technicians. We provide Apple Mac repairs, upgrades and replacement services to all customers based in Murrieta, Temecula and throughout Riverside County, California including home users and businesses.

Murrieta, Temecula Apple Mac Repairs and Upgrades

If you are experiencing any problem with your Apple Mac no matter what the issue is such as computer restarts unexpectedly, your Mac won't turn on, no video on the computer screen, distorted or scrambled video, hard drive is full, Mac freezes, liquid damage to your Mac computer, Mac is running slowly, optical drive won't read, power adapter isn‘t charging your Mac notebook or any other issues, Creative IT is able to help you. Some of the Apple Mac repair services we offer for clients in Murrieta, Temecula and throughout Riverside County, California include:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement
  • Keyboard Repair or Replacement
  • Laptop Casing Repair or Replacement
  • MagSafe Board Replacement
  • LCD Screen Repair or Replacement
  • Mac OS X Installation and Upgrade
  • Memory Upgrade and Replacement
  • Optical Drive Repair or Replacement
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Fix Video and Graphics Problems
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Mac Liquid Damage Repair
  • Logic Board Repair and Replacement

Murrieta Mac Repair and Upgrade for All Models:

  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • iMac G5 + G5 (iSight)
  • iMac (Intel-based)
  • iMac (Retina Display)
  • eMac
  • Mac mini
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac mini Server
  • Xserve
  • Xserve G5
  • iBook G4
  • PowerBook G4

Mail-In City of Murrieta, California Apple Mac Repair and Upgrade

It doesn't really matter if you are a home user or a business user in Murrieta or Temecula, Riverside County, California; all our customers can look forward to to receive exceptional customer service. At Creative IT, we always aim to provide our Murrieta Apple Mac repair services with the least amount of hassle and fuss.

Contact Creative IT for Murrieta Mac Repairs

If you are based in Murrieta or Temecula, California, please feel free to bring your faulty or damaged Apple Mac desktop or notebook computer to Creative IT repair store in Murrieta, California. You may do so between 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. You can contact our team on (213) 986-4855 or by email info@creativeitusa.com.

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